From the Oktoberfest final to the EXPO REAL

The invitation with special gimmick

Tectareal, the leading provider of integrated property management solutions, is this year again part of the EXPO REAL in Munich with its modern fair stand. The graphic concept was developed as part of the comprehensive rebranding by abc cross media almost two years ago and consistently continued this year.

The largest European fair for real estate and investments begins shortly after the end of the Oktoberfest, the largest folk festival in the world. This year's invitation skilfully combines the fair-announcement with an invitation to the customer event on the last night of the Oktoberfest. Suitable for the title motif abc cross media realised an attractive give-away, which all invitees recieved for their Oktoberfest visit. The special gimmick: At the back of the belt for the stein the name of the particular guest was embroidered.