Eye-catching sales material for Tectareal

New corporate brochure and flyer by abc cross media

The change of ownership and the consequent inclusion in medium-sized structures opened the still young company, which nevertheless has many years of experience in property management, access to new customer groups.  

To support the sales activities abc cross media created striking brochures and flyers, which reflect the company's innovative approach and adhere to the in 2014 newly developed corporate design. The ingenious folding and stamping of the large-scale corporate brochure offers customers the opportunity to literally unfold the complete range of the Tectareal Property Management GmbH. Exciting details, such as the partial UV varnishing, spotlight the folding once more. The strong focus on the corporate colors and graphic elements increases the brand recognition. The corporate brochure is completed by the internal performance overview and, depending on customer request, the individually compiled product flyers.