Ultra-fast display measurement with Instrument Systems

Unerring key visual by abc cross media

Instrument Systems, a leading manufacturer and supplier of optical measuring instruments and systems, presents its latest innovation LumiCol. The measuring device has been jointly developed with Konica Minolta Sensing Japan. It combines the advantages of a spot colorimeter with those of a highly sensitive colorimeter connected with an intuitive software. The new product offers an ultra-fast, precise measurement and qualitative evaluation of displays of various sizes within the production cycle.  

For the international product launch, abc cross media evolved a new dynamic ad layout and designed a catchy campaign theme, which is going to be used for both print and online advertising as well as for exhibitions. The colorful feathers of the hummingbird on a bright red background and the contrast of tranquility and dynamics creates a strong eye-catching effect. Probably the fastest vertebrate in the world combines the two customer benefits of the product innovation to perfection.