Shoprelaunch www.beauty-baron.de

abc cross media realizes a new shop-design in OXID eSales

JAFRA Cosmetics is specialized in direct sales for high-quality cosmetics since more than 50 years.

Female mid-and best-agers, who are the main JAFRA target group, more and more tend to use online-shopping for their cosmetics needs. The JAFRA online-shop www.beauty-baron.de has now been launched by abc cross media in a fresh graphic design. A new visual world plays subtly with the shape and colour of the new logo, a stylized lotus flower, and they perfectly harmonize with the JAFRA product design.

The complete cosmetics assortment is offered in a clear and appealing style. Even from the technical side, www.beauty-baron.de meets all requirements. abc cross media has set up an OXID eSales shop with individual interfaces to DHL shipping, other shopping portals and payment service providers. The JAFRA database is imported automatically and the shop systems allows diverse possibilities to promote special offers and campaigns. In combination with Google Adwords the order cycles show a significant increase compared to the period before the launch.